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A Career Break is a period of time taken out of your normal routine to do something completely different such as travel, do some volunteer work, gain a new skill or a professional qualification, renovate your house or simply work on your tan.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

In today’s competitive and stressful environment people are becoming more disillusioned, exhausted and dissatisfied in their careers and work life.  They are working harder and for longer in order just to survive, but are finding that something’s missing and are now questioning if there’s more to life.  Does this sound like you?

Career Break Coaching coaches city professionals who are looking to take a step out of their daily routine and do something they’ve always wanted to do. Give yourself permission today and start planning your exit strategy to live your dream!  Given the opportunity, what would you do? 

Sail around Halong Bay in Vietnam?

Walk along the sandy beaches of Patong Beach in Thailand?

Get up close and personal with the marine life in the Galapagos Islands?

Monday, 18 October 2010

Simon CalderTV Presenter and travel editor of The Independent quotes "The principal joy of the career break is that it allows you to look at the world afresh, to uncloud your mind and your eyes and focus on what really matters to you. It allows you the time to conclude that, yes, you do deserve to take a pause from the industrious life you have pursued".

There are many reasons for taking a Career Break, here are some of them:

  •   You're stuck in a rut and need a change of pace / scenery / circumstances
  •   You’re looking for some new and exciting experience
  •   You were made redundant and have some time to try something different
  •   You want to contribute to society / do some volunteer work
  •  You feel burnt out and fed up
  •  You want to learn a new skill or undertake some study
  •  You may have experienced a personal tragedy and want to get away
  •  You’re looking for a new direction in life
  •  You want to have a baby
  •  An intimate relationship ended and you want to get away
  •  Your children have left home and you and your partner have time to do something together
  •  You want to feel that sense of freedom, with no boss telling you what to do
  •  You’ve been lucky enough to come into some money (oh, I wish!!!)
  • You’ve hit the big 40 or big 50, or maybe even for you it’s 30!
  • You are looking to change careers and want to take some time out to consider your options
  • You sit at your desk thinking “There’s got to be more to life than this?"

If you resonate with any of these, then it may be time to starting thinking about a Career Break. If you're concerned about taking some time out of your career, that's totally understandable, and you wouldn't be alone in your thinking. However, consider the fact that the age for retirement, in the UK, seems to be getting further and further away. What is it now, 70?  

In the big scheme of things, taking anywhere between 3-12 months out of your normal daily routine doesn't seem like such a long time, does it?